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Bridge Camera's, SLR and HD ultra 4K recorders are all Housed here. Enabling you to take great photos. With the latest compact digital cameras its now possible for us all to take pictures that the pros would be proud of.

It is a little simplistic to say that the higher the megapixels the better the quality of image but typically you should be looking for a camera with between 12 and 16mp.

Pay attention to the optical zoom. If you plan to take long range photos than you will need a greater zoom. For close-up photos of friends an optical zoom of up to 4.0 is fine.

With digital compact cameras it is more or less a case of point and shoot. But they also provide features to make taking photos even easier. Scene modes are ideal for helping you to take the best picture in the environment you're in. These include 'Night' 'Beach' and 'Sport' modes. Face detection is ideal if you tend to take lots of portrait shots of friends and family. It helps make sure every face in your picture is clear.

Suffer from shaky hands? Then look for a compact camera that offers image stabilisation (OIS), for that spontaneous moment you should look for a camera with short shutter delay. As this will help you capture moments at an instant such as a child at school sports day.