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Making a purchase is difficult with choice and range of products in the market. We have tried to simplify this for you, we evaluate and test the products and only display the ones that fit our rigorous and thorough criteria. We test for:

  • Components - chip-sets, Ram configuration, Hard drive durability, CPU & Cooling system.
  • Durability - will it work with what you need it to do.
  • Efficiency - Is it defined by what it is, or does it lack a bit of umpffff!
  • Value for money - Can we find a cheaper alternative
  • Aesthetics - Is it poised with purpose or a fluffy with love handles.
  • After sales service - can it be repaired easily and efficiently or will you be paying through the nose for it.

Business Services

We believe in doing things right the first time. Spending an extra minute during an initial set-up or a few extra minutes testing can save many hours later. This saves us time, and more importantly, saves the client money. We are not the typical computer shop which has to worry about maintaining a large store front. This lack of overhead allows us to provide the best possible services at the best possible prices while making scheduled appointments convenient for our customers.

Three simple words:

  • Qualified
  • Personalised
  • Competitive

The staff at akcom are well qualified to handle all your needs. Microsoft Approved, ongoing training along with self-taught, ‘real–world’ experiences gives our staff an edge when it comes to supporting your business. Essentially we are a bunch of Geeks. but in a good way! We make sure we fix your problem, and as we are stock a huge volume of refurbished and New products we can get you going instantly.

Website Design & Development

Our packages are designed to get you online and making money. All you need to do is tell us what you are looking to achieve and we will create a suitable package for you. With our customer orientated all our packages are available on a monthly service agreement, so you can budget it into your stride rather than spending hundreds on development.

We have a array of SEO and marketing packages that you can add on to your monthly subscription. They are designed to generate you business and work in accordance with your long term goals. And we wont dazzle you with dreamy quotations that suggest you will have hundreds of visitors overnight, we are realistic and honest in our appraisals. So you will always know where you stand.