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AOC e2250Swdak LED LCD 21.5" DVI Monitor


  • £76.99

AOC e2250Swdak LED LCD 21.5" DVI Monitor Product Description
Although e2250Swda presents simple monitors with a focus on value, AOC has not skimped on display dynamics, with a vivid contrast ratio of 20,000,000:1 DCR ensuring clear visibility and vibrant images. Outwardly, the 50-series monitor does not look at all cheap, with a slim and rounded design that tapers to just 18 mm at the top and sides.
The back of the cabinet and top surface of the base feature a luxurious brushed texture. Control buttons are discreetly recessed underneath the shiny-edged screen bezel. Digital and analog connectors are rear-facing for direct insertion, also its speakers, more convenient for families.

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